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Conductor - Neil Mantle, MBE
Leader - Richard Gratwick


Archive of Scottish Sinfonia's concerts

This archive contains one web page for each of our concert seasons, which generally run from August one year until May or June the following year. Links to these pages are in the navigation bar on the left. Thus, clicking on 2000-01 will take you to the page for August 2000 to May 2001.

To return to this index page, click on the Archive Home link in the navigation bar. To return to the main website, click on the Home Page link in the navigation bar.

This archive is a work in progress, and additional information will be added whenever time permits.

Some notes

From 2006-2007, the web site had a new look (thanks Martin), and at the start of each season we post a page announcing the whole year's concert programme. Each of these pages was archived, and that is what you see here. It is possible that they might be missing the odd last-minute change.

Before then, we used a tabular presentation, with a separate page for each concert. I have put these together here to create a page for each season from 1999-2000 to 2005-2006.

Any hyperlinks which were in the original web pages are still here, but may now be out of date.

Before 1999, we didn't have this web site. However, I have records of concert posters going back some way before then, and so pages for earlier years have been compiled from the posters. Some corrections may be necessary (if I find out about any last minute changes to programmes or soloists).

There is a also a list of everything that the orchestra played in its first 25 years.

More information is now being added about the first twenty-five years.

In particular, some season brochures, concert posters, and concert programmes are now included in this archive as PDF files. These can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

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